Best Practices

This is an area where many trip up. In China, traditional business practices communicate beneath the level of language, significantly different from the UK. Our team guide you on presenting yourself in way that will inspire confidence and trust, in business meetings as well as social events. You may be  already aware that karaoke has a place of honour in Chinese business networking. You may know that when you are offered chicken feet you should try them. Indeed, sharing local delicacies is a key part of the culture, and accepting them is a tremendous show of respect. But these are only two rather obvious examples of cultural differences. TOFU can advise and support you with far more nuanced and subtle behaviours that will impress the people you meet in China with your level of respectful understanding and insight.

The cultural differences between China and the UK can never be over-emphasised. Many western businesses fail to build a trusting relationship with their Chinese counterparts due to lack of understanding and adaptation. Many joint ventures fall apart after initial co-operation for exactly that reason.

TOFU provides training, guidelines, templates and presentations explaining best practice for your business in China. We will also show you how to manage and develop essential processes such as: marketing plans, product development, briefing of creative and media agencies, research design, evaluation, as well as impactful business etiquette.

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