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About Us

We are a London-based boutique marketing consultancy devoted to sustainable and profitable business relationships between the UK and China.  

TOFU stands for Talent, Opportunities, Fulfilment and U, our customers. We believe in uniting talent with opportunities and creating fulfilment of your dreams. That we care about our clients is central to our philosophy. Working as close collaborators with you, TOFU provides the knowledge and networks in China.

The word “guanxi” in Chinese means “relationship”; something important and to be preserved, and we believe the same.

TOFU – the Chinese Eye for the British Mind.

Meet the Team

Kelvin Chan

Kelvin has over 20 years’ marketing / business experience in China with corporates including Nestlé and Diageo. He is a holistic brand professional in the consumer product industry, specialising in brand communications, strategies, innovation and business development. Kelvin has practical experience on managing business operations with Profit & Loss accountability.

Kelvin has witnessed the evolution in China. His experience in leading global consumer brands enables him to understand the complexity and uniqueness of Chinese consumers. He worked closely with various agencies and travelled extensively in China to gain first-hand information and genuine insights. 

After working in corporates and completing his MBA at Imperial College London, he decided to contribute his knowledge and hard-won networks for UK SMEs: that’s why he set up TOFU.


Sascha Wandkowsky

Sascha, the Berliner, provides our valuable European perspective. He is an experienced researcher having worked in digital media companies such as Google. His research skill-set and analytical mind helps identify the right facts with insightful interpretation.

He has travelled Asia extensively and acts as the European “eye” in TOFU, understanding both at-home and markets abroad. His cultural sensitivity enables him to find solutions which are more diverse and inclusive.

On top of his Master Degree in Politics, Sascha competes in Chessboxing - a combination of Chess and Boxing – the ‘intellectual fight club’. 

Long Chiu

Long, the British Chinese, is a fresh graduate from Media Studies at Brighton. He has excellent knowledge about video production as well as digital and social media. Long has produced short documentaries and corporate training videos, and worked as editor for TEDxBrighton.

As a devoted film lover and engaged social media buff, Long wears the creative hat in the team and provides original, fresh solutions.

Jayne Bravery

A multi-lingual project/business development manager with commitment, determination and an excellent communicator. Over 15 years experience of living and owning a business in mainland Spain which was boot strapped and sold in 2007 to her business partner. It remains an extremely successful business going from strength to strength.

A varied career worldwide with a natural thirst for start-ups and trends. A firm believer in career breaks she has taken time out to read Psychology and an MBA in the last 10 years.

An excellent communicator Considerable experience in negotiating terms, budget control, line and vendor management. As a generalist also innovative, imaginative, mix up disciplines and look across borders whilst dealing with highly sensitive situations under pressure.

Dawn Chui

Licensed Practitioner – Asia Region | Innovation 360 Group AB

Dawn is an experienced brand and management consultant with deep-rooted experiences in the Asia region. She combines technical analysis skills with business acumen, servicing vertical sectors in livability, mobility and sustainability of urban cities, and the well-being of humanities.

She practices “Innovation” consulting, combining measurement tools with strategy recommendations. Innovation is a process that leads to positive impact, and is a skill which can be measured, learned, and enhanced. She is the first Licensed Practitioner in the Asia Region of Innovation 360 Group AB, with a dedicated objective to build innovation capability needed to address humanity’s grand challenges – Food, Energy, Water, Security, Health, Education, Environment, Poverty and Space.


Innovation 360

Innovation 360 Group AB is set up with a mission to support and strengthen the global innovation capability needed to address humanity’s grand challenges: Food, Energy, Water, Security, Health, Education, Environment, Poverty and Space. The aim is to help entrepreneurs, organizations, authorities, institutions, and executives to become world class innovators, and to apply innovations in the business and policy strategies. The services offered include: innovation measurement by InnoSurveyTM, innovation benchmarking, innovation best practices, innovation strategy, innovation in communications, innovation workshops, innovation Master Class and innovation training. The service is offered only through accredited Licensed Practitioner.

What We Believe In

Create Values

We aim to create values that are sustainable and profitable. You are responsible for your customers, staff and stakeholders, and we are here to help achieve your overall business goals.

Customer Services

We take your brief in-person. Working around the clock, we respond timely to our partners on both sides of the world. We go the extra mile to gain mutual satisfaction. Your success and appreciation is the best proof of our customer service.

Bespoke Service

The challenges faced by every client are different. We understand that and therefore create bespoke solutions in order to meet your specific needs. Our first priority is establishing exactly what you need us for.

Long Term Partnership

We’re not interested in quick wins. A happy, satisfied customer is our greatest asset and that’s why we strive to create it every time. We want every business relationship to last and regard loyalty as key to long-term growth. 

Practical Insight

With extensive experience in China, we understand this market in length and breadth. We turn knowledge and insights into practical business strategies for you.  

Bilingual Bridge

Communication in English and Chinese is crucial to building trust between the two countries. Our team understand and respect cultural diversity, and we can effectively bridge the gap between these differences.

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